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I heard about Sungyeol watching Porn.. 
Then I saw the Inspirits going crazy about it.. I was like


Then I was like

I can’t help but feel mad to some inspirits who are overreacting about Sungyeol watching Porn, Me and GD honestly wants to strangle them.. 

What’s wrong about watching Porn? He’s a guy isn’t he? Aren’t I right, Woohyun?

(See, he even agrees with me)

He’s not a 7 year old, Guys.. Just because he’s a CHODING doesn’t mean he have to act like a child all the time like:

Prancing around like a child (just like what Seungri is doing.. WEIRD O_O)

Throwing Tantrums like a nursery student

If I’m not wrong, other idol already admitted watching porn so what’s wrong about it? Also G.O watches Porn too

(LOL at this Gif xDD)

What kind of Fans hate them just because of that? Some fans are really effin stupid.. 

I’ll always support you SUNGYEOLLIE~!!! <3

Let me Hug the Inspirits who weren’t disappointed in Yeollie.. I WUBB U  ;_;

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